Thursday, March 11, 2010

pre-construction phase

Howdy friends, I decided to make a blog about my adventures building a cabin out in the forest.
I kinda figured it would be a fun project for 2010, and a good way to learn basic carpentry skills.
I had a bunch of free lumber pretty close by because of a house that was torn down. The first couple of days I removed nails from 2 x 4's and surveyed my land, looking for a good site.
Eventually I chose a place that is on the edge of a pine forest and a field. The elevation drops off to the south and the pine turns to hardwoods. The front of the cabin would face into the field, which is west. The field gets almost constant sun and it's usually breezy.

I next cut down cedar trees to use as the posts for the foundation. I was considering using cinder blocks, but decided to use cedar instead because it would look nicer and be easier than hauling cedar blocks and mortar a quarter mile through the field.

Today I bought a two 2 x 10 x 16 boards that cost me a pretty penny. I also found that I put my cedar posts in wrong, so I have to dig them up, dig new holes and put them back in. DAMN!!
oh well, lesson learned. That's it for now, it's supposed to rain for awhile so probably no work this weekend.